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Teach a Man to Fish

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

“I would rather have kids wonder their questions aloud in the context of a faith community than stifle them or wonder them with other friends who don’t share our faith.”

“It’s not doubt that is toxic, but unexpressed or unexplored doubt that is toxic.”

-Kara Powell

70% of Seniors in high school who actively attend youth group, leave the church in college.


If this doesn’t have you afraid, you don’t belong in student ministry. I am not talking about "70% of seniors” used to… or "70% of seniors” in Germany…

I’m saying if your church reflects the statistical mold (which it probably does), 70% of your seniors who are actively attend your youth group this year, will leave your church and never come back to it or any other church after they go to college.

It is a little more real now.

So, whether you are a leader of a small group or a leader of a youth group or the leader of your church, it is time to wake up.

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