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Oak Trees

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Our personal morality is like a tree. Being hit once by an axe rarely, if not never, knocks down a tree. It is only continued exposure to the barrage of hits by an axe can one cut down a tree. This is much like our own morality. Only after constant, or frequent exposure to damaging thoughts and temptation to sin does someone fall, into complete entrapment of sin. In any tree there are branches. Some branches are strong; these old branches are hard to cut through. Other branches are new; they are weak and need to be protected from damage as scissors could easily cut them. If we are strong in our faith, one hit will not knock us down. This means we need to be careful whom we are around. We must make sure that we have Christian fellowship. We need to be reminded who we are, that we are in Christ, and we don’t have to act like the rest of the world.

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