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God v.s. Evil

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

There is no good, only God. The "war" isn't between good and evil, but the "war" is between God and evil. Goodness comes from God and God only (James 1:17). You can't have it any other way. "What is good?" you may ask. Good is perfection in God's eyes, and since none of us have met that standard (Romans), no one is good. There is only evil. But here is the good news, through Christ we can become bonded or grafted to him. What does this mean for us? It means that on judgement day, God will see Christ instead of seeing us. And therefore seeing that we are good, because Jesus was perfect. He met God's definition of good. We can't be good on our own, we nee Jesus to be good for us. It is Goddlyness that we should seek not goodness.

Because we can only be good through Jesus we need to seek the things that he seeks and sought. Because he was and is perfect. We cannot stay the same people after believeing in him. We must become new people.

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